Magda Kubiak is a portrait and fashion photographer based in the Netherlands/Poland. Apart from photography she sings, redacts and publishes on blogs and in online magazines.

She’s been fascinated by photography since the early childhood and that passion doesn’t seem to be fading out. In her photography she focuses mainly on artistic portrait and fashion, but she also enjoys landscape, street and travel photography. She is very much fond of natural lighting and open air sets, and treat them as her leading directions. Black and white pictures, contrasting, seemingly not pretty locations are things which attract her in photography a lot.  She is not in any case against other scenarios, as she treats every single photo shoot as an exciting challenge.  She believes that everybody holds an inner beauty that she is trying to reveal through images. Her fundamental principle is: „Whatever you do, put your heart into it”.

Her work has been exhibited in her hometown Lodz, Poland and her pictures were published in diverse online and printed magazines, such as Photography Masterclass Magazine, CHIP Foto Magazine, Elegant Magazine.
Nowadays she lives in Groningen, the Netherlands, but as a travel enthusiast she appreciates international projects and she is available for worldwide photoshoots.

She worked with many celebrities and people from Polish showbusiness, for example:
Anna Popek (Journalist and TV Presenter)
Izabela Yamagata (Reality Show Celebrity)
Paweł Izdebski (Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter)
Grzegorz Palkowski (Actor)
Patrycja Volny (Actress)
Magdalena Pociecha (Actress)
And Others.