Magdalena Kubiak's Portfolio

Because you, your brand and your design deserve the most beautiful framing to reach the world. 
Because to bring out the beauty you don't need to enchant reality. 
Because beauty is diversity and being authentic.

I create a vision aligned to your true self in a way to bring out your true beauty and authenticity. I photograph models, fashion and your designs and products, because I know that you want to show them to the world in the most beautiful way, but without bending reality.

I have been producing artistic and creative photography of models, fashion and your brand successfully for over two years, and my clients like to come back for more. I love to combine the art of photography with working with people, and that's why I realize your concept whilst offering you original solutions. And all this in a friendly and passionate atmosphere.  

In the world of artificial beauty, "plastic", distorting reality, I offer you photos in which you, the model and your design look beautiful and luxurious, but in a natural way. In my opinion, less is more. I am guided by the idea of  showing people, their creativeness and works in an authentic way - because they are the art in themselves.

What I believe in portrait and fashion is timeless, elegant and classic style, as well as romanticism, lightness and emotions - that's what I most often include in my photographs. I also love to celebrate diversity and spontaneity in photography.

I will set up your photo shoots to show your true voice and character in a beautiful way, and you will gain double because you will present yourself to your recipients and the world, all of this while remaining authentic. 

I am a big travel enthusiast, so do not be afraid to dream big – if you want to have a photo session in romantic Paris or next to a fjord in Norway – I am in! Let’s create something together!

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